Monday, October 13, 2008

Tanner's Pen

Travel To The New World
By Tanner Costner
Oct. 2008

In 1620 the anxious pilgrims, who sought freedom, decided
to journey to the New World. They sailed on a scanty ship named
the Mayflower. During the trip, a perilous storm sprang up,
causing strong gusts of wind and whirling waves. Fearfully, the
pilgrims took shelter below the gun deck. They crowded
together as they watched the chilly seawater seep through the
cracks of the wretched ship. The drenched and freezing pilgrims
were frightened as they listened to the booming thunder. They
prayed for mercy.

Goodman John Howland, who was tired of being cooped up
below deck, foolishly progressed towards the upper deck.
Instantly, a humongous wave tossed the battered Mayflower,
sending Goodman into the freezing water. As he fell, he grabbed
onto a rough rope. He was transfixed.
Luckily, sailors observed Goodman fall overboard. The
cunning sailors, who took action, pulled him in with a huge hook.
He was thankful be safe on the boat. He thanked the gallant sailors
and slowly walked below deck. Meanwhile, the faithful pilgrims
prayed for his safety. Goodman was safe. The journey to the New
World was difficult.

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Vickie said...

Hey Tanner, I really enjoy reading your writings. You are a very good story writer. I am very proud of you. Keep up the good work. Grandma can't wait to read your next one. Love You, Maw Maw