Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Home

More pics to come! :)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Burying Talents and a little ranting!

Can a talent really be wasted in the Kingdom of God? Is putting the talents, bestowed to us by God, to use in our homes as wives and mothers akin to burying them in the sand?
I don't think so...and as Proverbs 31 points out, the talents given to her centered around her glorious household.
So why do women, in churches across America, believe that if they stay home and devote themselves to giving to their husbands and children, that they are not using their giftings to God's glory? They truely believe that God is displeased with this, and that they are of no evangelical use to his kingdom? They are called "pew warmers" and "luke-warm" by many pastors trying to recruit more workers for church programs. But is this how the bible views mothers and wives?
God says that they are of great vaule...far above rubies.
So why do women buy into this so easily?
Feminism. It swept into the church on the wings of "ministry"and implanted itself into the silent doctrine of our fellowships. So that if a woman doesn't teach enough, sing enough, do enough for the church, she becomes convinced that she isn't of value to God. But the word tells us that a man who finds a woman of virtue is blessed. These messages are so confussing to women and even more confussing to our youth.
The church encourages young ladies to explore their giftings through education, but discourages marriage and least until you have exhaused all that the world has to offer.
Ladies, open your eyes to truth. Read God's plan for women and evangelize the world! Generations will be changed because of your hand, your words, your love, your work in the home. The hand that rocks the cradle, she reforms the world!

Saturday, February 09, 2008