Friday, March 13, 2009

Catching Up

The past few months have been rather busy for the Costner Family. We have grown in number and in thankfulness!
In January little guy arrived and changed our world around. He has many medical needs and a full time nurse that accompanies him. We have been inspired by his consistent smiles and love for life and amazed at his ability to endure the worst of things. Born with his liver and intestines outside of his body, partially deaf and blind, unable to crawl or walk, on oxygen and with a trach, liquid feedings through a g-tube in his tummy, and unable to talk or cry...but little guy is full of smiles, kisses, hugs, and claps. In just a few short days of arriving he learned sign language for mommy and daddy and started to make up his own. He loves the kids and they are amazed by him. He just melted our hearts with his silent laughter and silent tears. I will never forget the first time I heard him cry, it reminded me of the day my boys were born, Chris and I both cried with joy for him. In Feb he ended up in the hospital with a blockage in his intestine. They removed a portion of it and put all of his parts back inside his body. This was rather complicated and he ended up back in the OR for another round of fixing the tummy. This time it worked, but he has had a hard time adjusting to all of this and is on a ventilator to help him breathe. This past week he has made huge progress and will be coming home soon. Here are some pics for everyone.

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